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Stereophonics in concert - 2019
Stereophonics – Rock with Whiskey vocals – venturing a bet on Glenlivet.

Stereophonics – in concert – recorded by BBC Radio 2 – November 19, 2019 – BBC Radio 2 –

Stereophonics in concert tonight. Recorded at the BBC’s Radio Theatre on November 19, 2019.

Kicking back into high gear, with a new album coming out in March 2022 and a tour starting this December, it’s looking like the long lay-off and silence falling over clubs and concerts may be coming to an end. Fingers crossed.

Stereophonics formed in 1992 in the village of Cwmaman in the Cynon Valley, Wales. The band consists of Kelly Jones (lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards), Richard Jones (bass guitar, harmonica, backing vocals), Adam Zindani (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Jamie Morrison (drums, percussion) and touring member Tony Kirkham (keyboards). The group previously included Stuart Cable (1992–2003) and then Javier Weyler (2004–2012) on drums. Stereophonics have released eleven studio albums, including seven UK number one albums. A successful compilation album, Decade in the Sun, was released in November 2008 and charted at number two on the UK Album Chart.

Kelly Jones and Stuart Cable lived on the same street in the Welsh village of Cwmaman. Jones heard Cable played drums so asked if he wanted to jam together. After some time practising in Jones’ dad’s garage, Nicholas Geake joined in on guitar. Later, Jones invited Paul Rosser and Chris Davies to play on bass guitar and keyboards, respectively.[16] Cable recalls he was the one who suggested that Jones be the singer, as his dad was a singer back in the sixties who supported Roy Orbison.[16] In 1986 the band recorded a demo under the name “Zephyr”. When Jones went on holiday the band played a gig without him, which resulted in Jones leaving the band and Jones and Cable going their separate ways. Jones, Rosser and Davies formed their own R&B band called “Silent Runner” while Cable joined a glam-rock band named “King Catwalk” on drums.

A few years later, Cable got sacked from the band and after a few weeks after that when on a bus, he waved to Jones who was standing at a bus stop and waved back. It was the first contact they had since Zephyr had broken up. Two weeks later, Jones and Cable started speaking again in the Ivy Bush. They agreed to give the band another go but Cable only wanted to play their own songs, to which Jones agreed. The duo invited Mark Everett to play for them on bass guitar and Jones then started writing his own songs.

Everett went on holiday for two weeks but Jones and Cable wanted to continue rehearsing, so Jones invited long-time friend Richard Jones to fill in for Everett. Stunned by Richard’s appearance and bass playing, Cable convinced Kelly to keep him instead of Everett. The band decided they needed another member to play lead guitar. Simon Collier was the first guitarist brought in, but didn’t stay in the band; he did, however, become Kelly’s guitar technician. The band tried hiring two other guitarists, another Richard Jones and Glenn Hyde. Neither stayed for long. Hyde did however play harmonica on “Rooftop” for the band’s 2001 album Just Enough Education to Perform. After Hyde left, the band stuck as a three-piece act.

On 27 July 2017 the band announced Scream Above the Sounds as the title for the album and will be released on 27 October 2017. It became available to pre-order on the same day. The album was released under the new distribution label “Parlophone”, as the band parted ways with the old label V2. The band released “All In One Night” on the same day as the lead single from it. On 4 September 2017 “Caught By The Wind” was released as the second single from the album followed by “Before Anyone Knew Our Name” as the third single on 20 October 2017.They released the album’s fourth and final single,”What’s All The Fuss About?” on 4 December 2017. They will embark on the Scream Above The Sounds tour in 2018. In January 2019 Stereophonics announced two shows as part of Forest Live, the summer concert series promoted by the Forestry Commission: Thursday 13 June at Westonbirt Arboretum, near Tetbury, Gloucestershire and Sunday 23 June at Thetford Forest, near Brandon, Suffolk.

While you’re waiting for the tour to start, dive into this gig from 2019 to get a taste of what you should be getting shortly.

Crank it up and enjoy.

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