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Moxie In Session for ATL - BBC Ulster
Moxie – a band to seek out – a band to watch – a band to support. Further evidence music is still coming from wonderful places.(photo: Colin Gillen)

Moxie In Session for ATL (Across The Line) Introducing – BBC Ulster – September 13, 2021 –

Moxie in session to start the week, and I couldn’t think of a better start than to get yourself familiar with this extraordinary band, one that lets you know music is in great places and that it continues to be. Further evidence we’re going to get through this.

I found them by accident – one of the main reasons going down the proverbial rabbit hole and searching around often yields wonderful results and new adventures. And even though they’ve been around for a while, and have toured extensively (even in the U.S.), I just found out about them and they are a breath of fresh air.

They are billed as Neo-Irish Alt-Folk and their music and influences cast a wide net over an entire universe of ideas, traditions and points of view. As was pointed out during the interview just prior to the session, Ireland has been undergoing a cultural reinvention these last 40-50 years. The landscape has become more diverse. People are arriving and bringing with them their cultural backgrounds and music. And with this diversity come new points of view and influences. Moxie have taken advantage of that and the results are refreshing. It’s a mashup of cultures and the end result is new music – something our society has been doing ever since people could carry a tune – it’s the meeting ground of ideas and looking at the notes in different ways – lately the complaint has been that music has arrived at a dead-end. Nothing could be further from the truth outside the realm of the mainstream. I am convinced bands like Moxie (and there are more each day) represent the continuing progression of music as an endless source of inspiration and ideas.

Too bad there are only two cuts from this session – the good news is, they’ve released their debut lp and it’s available via Bandcamp, their website and Spotify. More than that, with the relaxing of some restrictions during this pandemic, they are gigging around, starting in a few days. Primarily around Ireland, but next year promises to be busy and I suspect there will be a few Summer festival appearances on the horizon (fingers crossed).

In the meantime – have a listen to this session – head over to their website and see what they’re up to. Get on their newsletter mailing list. Tell your friends. Keep an eye out for them.

I think we can start breathing sighs of relief now – or at least warming up the turntable.

Dive in and enjoy.

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