That Petrol Emotion - Indie with some Charisma thrown in.

That Petrol Emotion - Indie with some Charisma thrown in.
That Petrol Emotion – Indie with some Charisma thrown in.

-That Petrol Emotion – Live At Reading University – October 1990 – BBC Radio 1 –

An oldie-but-a-goodie tonight. A set by That Petrol Emotion, recorded at Reading University in October of 1990 by the venerable BBC Radio.

That Petrol Emotion were originally from Northern Ireland, with the exception of their lead singer, Steve Mack who was an American living in London when the band relocated and recruited his services.

A mixture of a wide range of influences, That Petrol Emotion were one of the more distinctive Indie bands at the time, as well as one of the more political. They quickly established a vigorous following as well as universal acclaim from the Press, even prompting Rolling Stone to dub them a “cross between The Clash and Creedence”, the New York Times called them “A youthful Rolling Stones crossed with a revved up Television”. It helped stimulate sales and popularity – and they were riding high on that wave until things began to get a little shaky. First, a change in management at their label, Polydor prompted the band to sign with Virgin. Founding member, Guitarist John O’Neill quit and fortunes slowly changed.

By 1994 the band called it quits, at least for 12 years – before reuniting and, from the looks of it, calling it quits again.

As a reminder of That Petrol Emotion during their heady and vital days, here is a sample of the band from 1990.

If you aren’t familiar with them – time to check them out, starting with this concert. If you are familiar with them, you may have missed this one over the years.

Either way, crank it up and get ready for the weekend.

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