Ursina - live at Fri_Son, Fribourg - 2021

Ursina - Swiss Singer-Songwriter - the sigh of honest relief.

Ursina – Live From Fribourg – 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Music In The Time Of COVID – Rock Without Borders Edition

Ursina - live at Fri_Son, Fribourg - 2021
Ursina – Swiss Singer-Songwriter – the sigh of honest relief.

Ursina – live at Fri_Son, Fribourg, Switzerland – September 16, 2021 – RTS Coleur 3 –

Always on the lookout for surprises, curious how the rest of the world is treating this time of pandemic while still filling the world with music.

Seems to be doing pretty well. Tonight it’s a set from Ursina at the long-closed Fri_Son in Fribourg which re-opened recently and is slowly getting back to some semblance of normalcy with something of a mini-festival, held on September 16th and recorded live for Swiss radio outlet RTS Coleur 3 in Zurich. Closing the show was a set by Swiss Singer-Songwriter Ursina, who I confess not being familiar with, but will be making my way over to her Bandcamp site to grab some of her releases.

From her website:

URSINA is a singer-songwriter from Switzerland. Born and raised in a small village high up in the Swiss mountains, she soon felt the urge to express herself through music. From early on, her musical universe was influenced by classical music and by the folk songs sung in her mother tongue of Romansh, a minority language only spoken in the eastern Swiss Alps. In her teenage years she started to listen to jazz. Furthermore she has always been strongly influenced by alternative and interesting pop music with a twist.
In 2010 she decided to pack her bags and travelled to Copenhagen, where she lived during one year. Ursina got to meet musicians from all over Scandinavia and wrote new songs, which were strongly influenced by her nordic surroundings and her being far away from home. The result of that year was captured on the EP «Lontan», which she recorded with her Swiss/Danish band URSINA’S DANISH LABORATORY (01/2012). This collaboration came to an end when Ursina returned to Switzerland. Back home, she unpacked her suitcase of new musical ideas. It didn’t take long before she started working on new songs with a new band. In April 2013 Ursina released a few of these songs on the EP «Time is a Thief». One year later she released her second EP «Hiding behind a Mask» in January 2014. After some touring in Switzerland and abroad she worked on her debut album «You Have My Heart» which was released in January 2017. She’s currently writing new songs.

Here’s something new, recorded only a few days ago – hit the play button and fall under her spell. It works.

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