Iran-Iraq War

Iran-Iraq War - Carrying wounded in Baghdad. At least the War Of Words had no casualty lists.

Carrying wounded in Baghdad. At least the War Of Words had no casualty lists.
Carrying wounded in Baghdad. At least the War Of Words had no casualty lists.
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– CBS Hourly News – September 28, 1980 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

News for this day was about the convening of an emergency session at the UN Security Council over the Iran-Iraq War, in its 6th day, this September 28th in 1980. By the end of the day a vote was taken and passed to try and stop the fighting.

Despite claims and counter claims, losses on both sides were heavy and the oil fields in Iran and Iraq were subject of repeated air strikes. Iraq claimed to be driving on three key cities in Iran with its forces some 60 miles inside the country. Iranian spokesmen denied the claims and pointed to heavy damage inflicted on Iraq by Iranian planes.

The problem with reporting the Iran-Iraq war was the increasing difficulty in getting verification of claims. Sometimes all a reporter had to go on was the increase in air-raid siren alarms in order to surmise a battle was taking place of some sort.

Some 1118 Cuban Refugees had been processed and transferred to the relocation center at Fr. Chafee over the past week. No problems were reported, even though there were fears and anticipation of difficulties – sighs of relief all around. Thousands more were on their way.

Not so tranquil was the scene at McNeil Island Federal Penitentiary in Washington State, where some 244 Cuban refugees with criminal records were being incarcerated ahead of more thorough processing. A hunger strike broke out and some 59 prisoners were taking part in it.

And things were going so well in Rome, as Italian President Sandro Pertini cut short his Asian Goodwill trip and headed back home, where it was learned the 39th Italian government since World War 2 fell.

All that, and Canadian Air Traffic Controllers returned to work after a 9-hour sickout that grounded planes in many Canadian cities. There was no immediate explanation of why the job action was called off.

That’s a small slice of what went on this September 28 in 1980, as presented by CBS Radio Hourly News

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