Sam Fender – Live At TRNSMT 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Music In The Time Of COVID

Sam Fender - live at TRNSMT 2021
Sam Fender – Amid COVID tests, masks and social distancing – a triumphant return to the Festival.

Sam Fender – live at TRNSMT 2021 – Recorded September 10, 2021 – BBC Scotland –

Marking a return, albeit a cautious one, to the Festival stage, Sam Fender played a decidedly joyous set at TRNSMT 2021. Putting careers on hold, watching live music go from thriving to abandoned, taking careful steps and re-opening with uncertainty hanging overhead, it’s been one hell of a year for music and musicians, and not in a good way. The added energy to Sam Fender’s set gives credence to the great sense of relief everyone is feeling right now. And that, fingers crossed, things resume, careers pick up where they left off and audiences can get back to seeing music live again.

It’s been with fits and starts – a wait-and-see how things roll. Everyone was looking at the Lollapalooza Festival earlier with a goodly degree of trepidation – wondering if a Festival that size would prove to be a super-spreader or not. Some tours got started only to call them off at the last minute – appearances slated to begin in September have been pushed back to early next year “just to be safe” – so the air around Glasgow (where TRNSMT was being held) had a certain amount of apprehension, even with Sam waiting for COVID tests to come back before proceeding. Luckily for everyone, they came back negative and the show went on.

A lot of energy to be had from September 10-12 while TRNSMT was going on, and with BBC Scotland committing everything to tape (or Hard Drive as the case may be) – I hope to add a few more over the coming days. It was a festival not to be missed.

Not quite back to normal, but pretty damn close. You just can’t stop the music, no matter how hard you try. And Sam Fender done music proud.

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