Santa Monica Beach 1968

Your home away from home - Summer '68 and it's all about Hot Dog Stick.

It’s August 1968 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – You Have Sun – You Have Summer – You Have Sam Riddle

Santa Monica Beach 1968
Your home away from home – Summer ’68 and it’s all about Hot Dog Stick.

– August 13, 1968 – KHJ – Sam Riddle – Ellis Feaster Collection –

Smack in the middle of Summer – School is a whole lifetime away – the world is spinning someplace else, not around you. You have friends and they’re getting political – they protest – they watch Walter – they drove to Chicago for the Convention.

Not you. Your entire world consists of sun, Coppertone, your transistor radio and Hot Dog Stick; pretty much in that order. You’ve been staying away from the news, ever since Robert Kennedy at The Ambassador in June. You know the world has pretty much gone insane – you just don’t need to be stuck in it – the closest you get to the real world is five minutes worth of J. Paul Huddleston on your radio and it’s locked on KHJ.

Life is good, seriously. Your friends are giving you grief for not getting more involved. Everybody has a war to think about and riots to watch almost every night on TV – they really don’t need you to join in and be part of it. You’re sitting this Summer out. It’s just you, and summer where you are is fine – no, it’s better than fine. It’s perfect.

You just wish it would stay this perfect all the time. Somebody will probably ask you, years from now, what you did during the Summer of ’68. You can smile and you can sigh and that would probably be enough.

To go along with that long stretch of nothing to do during Summer – here is a half-hour’s worth of the late Sam Riddle, who left us earlier this past week at 83 – doing what he did best, presiding over BossAngeles on August 13, 1968.

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