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Carla Bley - Live in Torino
Carla Bley – in a word; Nourishing.

Carla Bley And The Torino Jazz Orchestra + Steve Swallow – April 18, 2018 – RAI Radio Torino –

Carla Bley this weekend. With the Torino Jazz Orchestra and Steve Swallow – recorded live on April 18, 2018 and broadcast by RAI in Torino.

The best word I could come up for this concert was Nourishing. I finished listening to it and felt a sense of soul satisfaction – a sense that everything is okay – the world is still capable of being a beautiful place – the planets are aligned.

But Carla Bley’s music is that way with no effort and has been for a very long time. She is one of the most astonishing Jazz composers of the 20th century, and now the 21st. The richness of ensemble writing – the pure spirit and unbound sense of joy is clearly evident in every note and nuance. And the band is digging it.

This is music to treasure and keep handy for reference. I think many people are concerned about the future of Jazz – where is it going? Who are the messengers – where is the audience? You got nothin’ to worry about.

The thing about Carla Bley’s music is that is transcends genres – this is music that keeps great company with so many other forms. And because of that, it’s fresh and her audience has grown over the years as a result.

Two things I hope for; she’s around for a really long time and everything she’s recorded or been involved with stays in print or gets reissued without delay. There’s a world of discovery to be made.

My musical adventure started at an early age and it’s always vacillated between genres – the sponge aspect to music appreciation has been in my DNA – I only wish Carla Bley was recording when I was getting off the ground – she would have wound up an integral part of musical adventure a whole lot earlier than she did. But hers is discovery that stays with you.

’nuff said – hit the play button and dive in.

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