Chartreuse in session 2021

Chartreuse - started off in Folk, veered unexpectedly into Dark-Pop - found bliss.

Chartreuse In Session – 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Music In The Time Of COVID

Chartreuse in session 2021
Chartreuse – started off in Folk, veered unexpectedly into Dark-Pop – found bliss.

Chartreuse in session – recorded for Radio X – X-Posure with John Kennedy – October 2, 2021 – Radio X –

Slowly-slowly the fog is lifting and the air is filling up with music. Tonight it’s a session from Ambient Dark-pop practitioners Chartreuse, in session for John Kennedy’s X-Posure on Radio X, October 2nd – still socially distant, but now taking it slowly with a return to clubs. Chartreuse will be gigging around the UK starting in about 2 weeks and going until December.

Here’s a few words via their website (in case you aren’t familiar):

Chartreuse are a four piece band from Birmingham, England.

Their sound can be described as ambient dark-pop, at the same time keeping the classic sounds of folk, soul and jazz genres that influence them.

Chartreuse’s founding members were Michael Wagstaff and Harriet Wilson. They started out writing folk music together in 2013. They then expanded to a four piece in the summer of 2014, with the addition of their rhythm section : Bass and Keyboard player Perry Lovering and finally drummer Rory Wagstaff .

The four musicians have a very close friendship, Rory and Michael are brothers, Harriet and Perry are childhood friends that over the years have crossed paths in previous musical projects.

There is a bright future for Chartreuse as they begin their musical journey and win over fans around the world.

Keep your eye on their social media accounts for Live show announcements and Music releases.

To top it all off, they have a new ep slated to hit the stores, websites, services on November 19th – “Is It Autumn Already>?” features some of the tracks they played in session here – and I am sure they wouldn’t mind if you went over and picked up a copy – they could use the support and you can use the vibe right around now.

Dive in and prepare for the coming week.

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