The Past Daily Happy Dance

Past Daily's Happy Dance for our subscribers.

Couldn’t Do It Without You – Our Patreon Subscribers – And Why You Should Join Them.

Past Daily’s Happy Dance.

We haven’t done this before, but it’s important and I really want to give credit where credit is due.

The list below are our subscribers who contribute to Past Daily via Patreon every month. They are the ones single-handedly keeping Past Daily up, running and reasonably healthy. Most of them may probably bristle when I print their names, but they are appreciated more than anyone can imagine – and frankly, if you’re reading this and you’re not a subscriber, these are the people making it possible for you to roam freely around these pages and enjoy what they are helping make possible.

So, my deepest thanks go to our subscribers:

Tim Nash, John Michel, Jan Lindelöf, Daniel Chapachal, Les Tuttle, Van Reid, Barbara Watkins, Paul Wayne, Patrick Murtha, Brian Anderson, Terry King, Bootsey 19, Kenneth Schwartz, Kenn Richards, Drew Cucuzza, Alexander Tudor, The Wallbreakers, Leo Perez, Rich King, Gavin Black, Stephen K. Peeples, Rip Rinehart, Joseph Russ, Allen Brown, Charles Schotter, Robert Iles, Chris Chandler, Chris Zappala, Karen Langley, Stuart Robinson, Jody Davis, Ethan Harp, Michael Harron, Drew Linde, Anonymous, Patricia Moss, Brandt Marshall, Nils Westholm, Walden Hughes, Larry Gassman, David Hacker, B. Skene, Mark Miller, Steven, Raggedy Android, Ken Peplowski, Fred Capp, Mark Easter, Peter Bainbridge, Steven Reveyosos, Ed Hrbek, Denise Hardwick, Andrew Williams, Stephen Pomes, Tim Collings, Gary D. Derby, Michael Marshall, Andrew Steinberg, Jedrek Oquendo, Chuck Fitzpatrick, Phyllis Skene-Stimac, Laurens Groendndijk, Steve Kostekecky, Dragonface, Tony Sachs, Michael Hacker, Francis Croaciata, Marcello Coelho, Andrew Milner, Jesse Farrel, Terry King, Peter Bullen, The Piano Files, RJ Eskow, Charles Tomaras, Jonathan King, Mark Peterson, Lex Passaris, Charles Hallett.

Take a bow. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

And if you aren’t already a subscriber, give it a thought and click on the link below or on the side of this post. We can always use the company.

Gordon Skene
Past Daily

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