Moscow - October 1941

Moscow - October 1941 - the waiting.

October 6, 1941 – Prisoner Exchange – A Night Without Bombs – Target: Moscow

Moscow - October 1941
Moscow – October 1941 – the waiting.

October 6, 1941 – Morning News From NBC – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

October 6, 1941 – news for this day in the war had much to do with the prisoner exchange readying to take place off the French coast. The aftermath of the British raid on Dieppe, hospital ships still anchored at New Haven on the British coast carrying German Prisoners getting ready to leave at dawn, sailing to Dieppe on the French coast where British prisoners were waiting. A second hospital ship carrying repatriated German women was scheduled to leave in a few days for another exchange of British prisoners.

No raids over England the night before and there was no report of RAF activity. There was no confirmation of the report that the British and Russian governments asked the government in Afghanistan to expel German nationals who were in the country. Military reports indicated the Germans were keeping up pressure all along the Russian front, except in the Leningrad region. Reports indicated the Germans were staging two big attacks aimed at Moscow and were making progress.

The news on the German offensive on Moscow led to a series of conflicting reports, with no real indication of where the battle was going, according to Swiss reports. German radio claimed the offensive was successful and the army was gaining considerable ground – while Radio Moscow said Russian resistance was successful in turning back the attacks. In the midst of a report on German roundup and execution of civilians around Eastern Europe, the shortwave broadcast is switched off, presumably owing to some censorship from Berne.

From Moscow – the Russians admitted to the loss of some 5,300 planes since the outbreak of the Soviet-German conflict. It was also noted that this number was a far cry from the 9,000 planes the Germans had lost, according to Russian estimates.

And from Washington came news of the death of former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, at age 85.

And that’s just a small slice of what happened, this October 6th 1941 as presented by NBC’s Early Morning News Roundup.

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