M Field - in session - Radio X

M Field - Capetown to London. Beatenberg and beyond.

M Field In Session – 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Music In The Time Of COVID

M Field - in session - Radio X
M Field – Capetown to London. Beatenberg and beyond.

M Field – in session for John Kennedy – X-Posure Sessions – Radio X – October 9, 2021 – Radio X

New faces on the horizon, M Field (M for Matthew) is a recent transplant from his hometown of Capetown, South Africa to London. He did this session for Radio X’s John Kennedy this past Weekend.

Contrary to the opinion that M Field suddenly appeared out of thin-air, Matthew Field has had a busy career in his native Capetown, with his band Beatenberg before relocating from South Africa to London to expand and extend his career to a bigger audience. In the ensuing months since he arrived, he has finished up his debut ep and has been doing a few gigs before getting ready for some club dates around the UK starting within the next few weeks.

As co-founder of Beatenberg, the band has been together since 2008, signing with Universal Music Group label in 2012. They gained national attention in 2014 from their collaboration with the artist DJ Clock with “Pluto (Remember You)”, which became the number one popular song on South African radio for over 19 consecutive weeks. Their second album The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg (2014) generated hit singles including “Beauty Like a Tightened Bow” (2014), “Scorpionfish” (2014), and “Pluto (Remember You)” (2014). Their third album 12 Views of Beatenberg came out in December 2018, after the release of singles “Camera” (2018), “Ode to the Berg Wind” (2018) and “Aphrodite” (2018), in collaboration with the singer Tresor.

The band are still very much together, but with the Pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the time off resulted in establishing a solo career.

So, as an introduction to the music of M Field, here is his session for Radio X as it was broadcast on October 9th.

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