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Anna Vincent - in session - Radio X
Anna Vincent – Had it not been for COVID she would not have a solo album out.

Anna Vincent – in session for John Kennedy – Radio Ex-Posure – October 30, 2021 – Radio X, London –

Anna Vincent to close out the weekend. In session for John Kennedy and his Ex-Posure program on Radio X in London, recorded on October 30.

If someone could say anything positive about the COVID pandemic, it would be the isolation and the social-distancing have made it possible for much new music to surface. In the case of Anna Vincent, it was embarking on a solo career and recording her debut album, which was released earlier this weekend – and in this isolated session for John Kennedy, she gives us a taste in session of what’s on the album.

Gemma Samways put together a great bio on Vincent and here’s a sample via Anna’s website:

After two decades making music, Anna Vincent has only just begun to know herself. There have been an abundance of revelations along the way, of course, and as many achievements fronting acclaimed DIY outfits My Tiger My Timing and Heavy Heart, but it’s only since going solo that the south London singer-songwriter has found the clarity she now realises she had always been seeking.

Anna performed in local bands throughout her late teens, and a degree in Sound Design followed, through which she honed her production and recording skills. Upon completing her studies, she began pursuing music more seriously, forming post-punk outfit The Total Drop with a group of collaborators that included her brother James. It was the line-up from that project that formed the basis for My Tiger My Timing, the five-piece, new-wave pop outfit which she fronted, and that took its name from an Arthur Russell lyric. They played Glastonbury in 2011, and shared their debut album ‘Celeste’ a year later, which Anna produced alone, from scratch.

That easy, relaxed atmosphere spills into the sound world of the record, be it the sun-kissed Americana of ‘Naxos’ or the breezy intimacy of ‘Halfway Through’, which builds gradually from its base of finger-picked guitar and gentle piano. Meanwhile the balmy jangle of ‘Nothing Wrong’ is redolent of ‘Halcyon Digest’-era Deerhunter. And that sonic directness is replicated in lyrics which find Anna diving deep into her relationship with Max. “I’ve written about love before, but it’s been a lot more metaphorical and vague. With this album, it’s like this is what happened; this is the story. I’ve never been this honest before.”

Good stuff – hit the play button and find out for yourself. Oh . .and head over to Bandcamp and grab her album.

Tomorrow starts November. Take a deep breath.

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