Sofia Comas - In session - RNE Radio 3

Sofia Comas - An ethereal voice that, at once is transcendent.

Sofia Comas – In Session – 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders – Music In The Time Of COVID

Sofia Comas - In session - RNE Radio 3
Sofia Comas – An ethereal voice that, at once is transcendent.

Sofia Comas – in session – Radio Nacional España – Radio 3 – October 28, 2021 – RNE –

Sofia Comas in session tonight. Recorded by Radio Nacional España in Madrid on October 28, 2021.

Sofia Comas is a Spanish/Canadian singer/composer born in Montreal and who has a reputation throughout Europe, but is virtually unknown here. By no means a newcomer, she began in 2010 with an experimental pop quartet in English, Tucan Morgan, which last year became simply known as Tucan. She has also gained a reputation as an actor and that of musical director in the Zuk theater company. In short, she’s multi-faceted. She cites the writer Joan Didion as an influence, and considers herself a Pop artist, although listening to this session, Pop doesn’t spring to mind. But to label her music as a particular genre is also difficult. It is just honest, heartfelt and transcendent music. Simply put.

Her debut solo album, Summer Will Be Eternal was released just as the world was going into lockdown from the Pandemic. And ironically, much of the album deals with loss on a very intimate level. And in fact, is very much about the recent loss of Comas’ father. So it is a profoundly personal album, and because of that it’s imbued with a transcendent quality that transforms the listening experience to one being witness to a confession.

So, with all that together, on top of COVID, this is a pretty potent session. And well worth the investment of time.

‘Cause that, as we know, is all we got.


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