Voka Gentle - in session Radio X

Voka Gentle - Hitting the road running.

Voka Gentle – In Session – 2021 – Past Daily Weekend Soundbooth – Music In The Time Of COVID

Voka Gentle - in session Radio X
Voka Gentle – Hitting the road running.

Voka Gentle – in session for John Kennedy – X-Posure – Radio X – November 5, 2021 – Radio X, London –

Voka Gentle in session this weekend – recorded for John Kennedy’s X-Posure program on November 5. Like so many bands and artists whose careers have been put on hold, lo these past 16 or so months, Voka Gentle were in the midst of building a very healthy following when the Lockdown slapped everything into a state of limbo.

But now that some semblance of normalcy is returning, at least to the club and concert scene, they are picking up where they left off.

With a string of gigs, starting on the 22nd of this month and their third album, Writing released in October, they are hitting the ground running, as it were and wasting no time in the process.

A little background on the band via Bucks Music Group:

Voka Gentle are Imogen Mason, Ellie Mason and William J. Stokes.

“Voka Gentle is constantly evolving project. Our roots are in traditional soil — we love the structure and soundscape in folk songs — but we wanted to work from those foundations to develop a new vocabulary, a new kind of songwriting.”

Having formed in the summer of 2014, the band wrote and performed the score for avant-garde physical theatre company Stasis’ production A Table, directed by Aniela Piasecka, and went on to provide music for the world premiere of Alex Howarth’s stage adaptation of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape at London’s Bridewell Theatre. Informed by such collaborations as these, the use of performance art, installations and projected visuals has made its way to the heart of Voka Gentle’s live shows.

They launched their first EP, Voka Gentle [Yellow], via Yucatan Records in July 2015 with a sold out show at London’s Cecil Sharp House. Their next EP Voka Gentle [Blue] followed in November 2015 with a sold out show at Electrowerkz. Third EP Voka Gentle [Red], produced by Gareth Jones (Grizzly Bear, Depeche Mode, Interpol) was released on October 7th 2016.

Relax and enjoy the show (and check out their website).

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