Minimum Wage World

. . .and the Manager has already warned you twice about singing over the PA.

It’s 1979 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – You Have Entered The World Of Minimum Wage, Or: “Do You Want Fries With That?”

Minimum Wage World
. . .and the Manager has already warned you twice about singing over the PA.

KROQ-FM – Mike Raphone – March 14, 1979 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

You may never walk into another fast-food place for the rest of your life. Your School Counselor sold you on the idea of Work-Study and the Recruiter from MacDonald’s just happened to be there that day. Before you had time to think about it, you were given a uniform, a name tag and a time to show up for your very first day at your very first job and your very first introduction to the world of Minimum Wage.

First thing that hits you is the smell of French fries and cooking meat. You fill out a stack of paperwork and the Manager gives you a time card and a once-over. Your co-workers call him “Pizza Face”. You call him “Creepy Guy”, because he’s always trying to look down your blouse. You start work around the time sixth period starts and it ends at 9:00. Dinner consists of what’s on the Menu, and after a week you have tried everything, including the Hot Apple turnover, twice. You were advised to stay away from the McSpaghetti and after your co-worker got sick you were glad you did.

After a month of consuming Value Packs and noticing your uniform has gotten a little tight, you decide it might be a good idea to become a vegetarian. You have also taken to singing into the P.A. after you get an order; 999’s Homicide is a big favorite with you. Creepy Guy isn’t happy with your singing and he’s already warned you twice.

After the third time he calls you into his office and gives you a choice; quit or be a drive-thru cashier. You were terrible at Math.

So for the reminder of your employment at The Golden Arches you’re given another uniform; a large and colorful one, along with a giant orange wig, a bulbous red nose and instructions to shriek “Welcome To McDonald’s!!” every time a customer walks in.

They take taxes out and everything. And after six months, a vacation.

It just gets better and better.

And to accompany you and your employment odyssey – 90 minutes worth of the legendary Mike Rophone at KROQ from March 14, 1979.

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