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Memorial - in session
Memorial – Soothing, breathless and hypnotic. Sounds about right.

Memorial in session at Radio X – December 17, 2021 – Radio X – X-Posure with John Kennedy.

New faces tonight – Memorial are an acoustic duo who got together in 2020, just as the Pandemic was heading into uncharted territory. Fortunately, they were signed to Real Kind Records which gave them the opportunity to work on a debut album as well as a string of ep’s.

Memorial introduced themselves back in January with their debut single, Moth To A Flame. It arrived at a time of great political turmoil on both sides of the Atlantic, and while the world is far from a place of peace and love now, the early shoots of Spring at least suggest some promise of happier, brighter times.

Love Is A Kind Of Sadness arrives at a similar pace to that first offering, gently and in no great rush. It’s a beautifully impactful lament, and a lullaby for the temples. A Saturday night closer, or a Sunday morning mood-piece, Memorial fit perfectly between the cracks to deliver this Simon & Garfunkel-toned beauty.

Love Is A Kind Of Sadness is co-produced by their label boss Lucy Rose, and follows her co-production work on the band’s first single too (Lucy’s first work in the production chair).

Memorial are a duo, Jack and Ollie. Neither are in any great hurry, with their songwriting process originally found spent solo, several hundred miles apart in Brighton and Manchester. Voice memos zipped across the internet, all half thoughts and feelings seeking the other’s encouragement. It’s a career just two songs deep, but already they’ve got Lucy batting for their side, US queen Courtney Marie Andrews offering them tour support, and bags of enthusiasm between them all suggesting that, just maybe they’re on to something here.

There’s lots still to come from Memorial, with a full-length record receiving its final touches and flourishes.

Have a listen to coming attractions (and our first Christmas song) via Radio X in London and the John Kennedy X-Posure program from December 17th.

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