It’s December 22, 1979 – You’re In L.A. – You’re No Longer A Teenager – New Wave Doesn’t Speak To You – But Dave Hull Does. Past Daily Pop Chronicles

. . .and no matter what, there would always be Pink’s.

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If you happened to be dial-hopping around midnight on December 22nd 1979, one of two things were going on; you were either working late or you were coming home from a Christmas party. And you just happened to be on LaBrea heading south and decided stopping off at Pink’s and having a Chili-dog was good for old time’s sake. Chili-Cheese and a Mitz Cola – been eating them since you were 14. And strange that you ran across KMPC and found Dave Hull, the Hullabalooer – the DJ who narrated the soundtrack of your youth, back when he was on KRLA, pouring out of your front speaker. Stranger too, that you just happened to have the radio on AM (which you never have) and flicked it over to 710. Freaky – you gotta admit.

You haven’t heard Dave Hull since the 60s when you were a teenager in high school. And maybe the music he’s playing is a little sedate, it’s still that voice – but he manages to get a couple Beatles tunes in. And it all takes you back. Back to the Fairfax Bus going to Hollywood, heading to Wallich’s Music City or Lewin’s Record Paradise – spending the money you made all week as a bagger at The Daylight Market on La Cienaga to grab up the new releases, or the imports; the ones that cost an arm and a leg. You still have your prized import copy of Substitute by The Who, even though it’s pretty beat up. You kept all your records and you play them every now and then. You aren’t really crazy about music now; the new stuff. You wonder what people are going to remember 20 years from now, and what the music then will be like. It was never going to be as good as the 60s, no matter what anybody tells you.

And how did you survive being a teenager without The Hullabalooer? You wonder.

Here is a one-hour snippet of Dave Hull during his tenure at KMPC on December 22, 1979 – it starts with the news of the day (the American hostages in Iran). A slice of L.A. life in a typical day before Christmas.

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