Freya Beer - in session - 2020

Freya Beer - A momentum interrupted by lockdown.

Freya Beer – In Session – 2020 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Music In The Time Of COVID

Freya Beer - in session - 2020
Freya Beer – A momentum interrupted by lockdown.

Freya Beer – In session for Marc Riley – February 17, 2020 – BBC 6 Music –

A new face on the horizon, Freya Beer in session for Marc Riley at BBC 6 Music from February 17, 2020.

Freya Beer is a singer-songwriter from West London who got started in 2018 and immediately drew the attention of BBC 6 Music via the BBC Introducing Live Lounge series, followed shortly by an appearance on the Tom Ronbinson program. Launching her own label, Beer released her first single, “Dear Sweet Rosie” in February of 2020, and this session is promotion for that release. She has been pegged as “New Artist of the Year” and things were looking very bright. However, weeks after this session, everything went in lockdown and like countless others her career was put on hold for the rest of 2020 and the better part of 2021.

When things calmed down, with clubs and venues slowly opening (although right now it’s all in limbo again), Freya Beer played the Isle Of Wight festival and released her debut album, Beast in October of 2021 and there are plans for a tour (fingers crossed) with two dates in April confirmed so far.

One of the most difficult things at the moment, especially in the field of Music is the atmosphere of fits and starts, with club dates set and then withdrawn as news of the rising number of COVID cases effectively puts dampers on things.

But like so many artists, Freya Beer has taken advantage of the otherwise disastrous down time and turned it into something productive, keeping the momentum of a promising career going.

This session should give you some idea what Freya Beer is all about and may prompt you to head over to her website and see what’s available – like everyone, she needs the support.

In the meantime, enjoy.

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