Element - in session for Peel 2000

Element - Creative force at odds with itself.

Element – In Session – 2000 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Element - in session for Peel 2000
Element – Creative force at odds with itself.

Element – in session for John Peel – BBC Radio 1 – July 5, 2000 – BBC Radio 1 –

Element in session for John Peel tonight. The second of two sessions the band did for John Peel (who was a huge fan).

One of those bands that came and went in a flash and left an extraordinary body of work and a lot of questions as to why it went by so quickly.

Starting in the late 90s, as Britpop was losing steam and music was heading into the doldrums, yet again. Element came along with a sound that wasn’t particularly reminiscent of any genre before it, but you could settle for an homage to Psych with some Prog tossed in, propping up a healthy dose of experimental.

The band soon started to get a reputation and a local following (local being Lancashire in the UK) and managed to connect with John Peel, who took an instant liking to the band. Peel wasn’t the only one. Element (or Transelement as they were sometimes called) were getting a lot of positive feedback from the Press.

Some home-recorded DIY sessions and eventually an official mini-album, Sourblaster in 2000 put the band on the trajectory for national exposure. John Peel got the band into the studio at Maida Vale and cut two separate sessions (of which this one is Number 2). 2001 saw the release (on mp3 primarily) of Ouaqui Paetes. In 2002 a bootleg of one of their live shows was making the rounds and finally an official album, Eight Songs About Travel. This would be the last from the band before splitting up in 2004.

As a reminder, here is that second Peel session from 2000 just to let you know what you may have missed.

A lot of that going around it seems.

Play loud.

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