Paris Occupied -1 942

Paris Under Occupation - niceties were fraying.

January 5, 1942 – The View From Singapore: Desperate But Not Serious – Russian Pincers – Occupied Paris.

Paris Occupied -1 942
Paris Under Occupation – niceties were fraying.

January 5, 1942 – NBC News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

January 5, 1942 – News from the fronts this day. In the Far East, with new landings in Borneo and Malaya, Japanese forces were continuing to advance with many thinking the final objective was Singapore. British Military observers said the situation was of concern, but didn’t seem all that serious since it was felt any assault on Singapore would fail. That came on news that Japanese threats on Singapore had increased over the previous few days. 90,000 Australian troops arrived in Singapore which gave some indication the British military were taking some of the threat seriously.

On the Eastern front, it was reported that Russian forces were ready to carry out a pincer movement in front of Moscow. The Russian capture of a town just south of Moscow has made the pincer movement likely. Such a movement would threaten all the German positions in the center. Latest word from Moscow was that the Russian advance was continuing on the whole of the Central front.

And the people of Paris were under a new German edict that imposed a 5:00 pm curfew after a rash of anti-Nazi flared up in Paris and Brest. According to Berlin Radio, the curfew was placed on cafés and other public places because “unidentified assailants” had set off a bomb in a Paris restaurant frequented by Germans. The report added there were no victims and only “slight material damage”. The events were coinciding with a definite chilling of French-German relations which were said to be at their worst since the armistice in June of 1940.

And that’s a small portion of the what was happening in the world this January 5th in 1942 from NBC’s News Of The World.

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