David Bowie - in honor of Birthday weekend, or Holy Week - whichever suits.

David Bowie - in honor of Birthday weekend, or Holy Week - whichever suits.
David Bowie – in honor of Birthday weekend, or Holy Week – whichever suits.

David Bowie – live at The BBC Theatre, London – June 27, 2000 – BBC Radio 1 –

David Bowie – who would be 75 today, and who we thought would be with us forever now is the subject of tributes and reminders. Since there’s been so much loss of so many artists and icons since Bowie left us in 2016, we’ve been getting overwhelmed by the sheer flood of emotions we’ve all be going through, certainly since we hit the Pandemic stage. Each passing comes with its own particular and unique pain. And a world without David Bowie is just a little emptier, perhaps a little less interesting than it was in 2016 when he was celebrating Number 69.

Most everyone gravitates towards the Ziggy Stardust period of the early 1970s, but I thought it would be a good idea to run something later, something from the last 20 years. Since David Bowie underwent so many musical transformations over the years, picking one era and staying with it seems like short-changing one of the greatest talents in Pop music. Besides, I have run several concerts and sessions over the past few years which illustrate the period – but David Bowie has a lot more to say.

And ironically, David Bowie’s birthday in 2016 was also the day of the release of his last album, Blackstar which had already gotten stunning reviews even before its release, hailing Bowie as making another pivotal turn in his career and, as the Guardian put it so eloquently “A spellbinding break with the past”. And at one day out, the album was already at #1 in the UK and #2 in the U.S. Adding to the irony, and the sadness of the occasion was word that David Bowie passed away only two days later, on January 10th 2016.

There is very little to add to the career of David Bowie, that hasn’t already been exhaustively written about and journaled over the years. It has always been about the music, and David Bowie had always confounded, surprised and exceeded expectations in just about everything he had done. He accomplished a tremendous amount in his all-too-short 69 years. It was indeed a life well lived.

So while we’re in the midst of remembering and celebrating the birthday of a true legend this weekend, take a break and have a listen to a concert he did at The BBC Theatre in London, on June 27, 2000 and preserved for posterity by the venerable BBC Radio 1 and their In Concert series.

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