It’s January 8, 1970 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – The Decade Is A Week Old – But The Real Don Steele Is Forever.

January 1970 - new decade - new possibilities
First week of January 1970 – anything is bound to happen.

You have to admit; 1970 didn’t get off to a bad start. Maybe it’s just you – maybe the idea of getting older and being taken a little more seriously than you were only a year earlier has a good vibe to it – that might be it.

No – something else. It’s a whole new decade – you barely remember what January 1960 was like – this is 1970. You kept saying it over and over on New Years day – had a nice ring to it. Has a lot of possibilities.

You’re graduating high school this year. This time next year you’ll be in college, if everything goes according to plan. Plans – you have a lot of them. You don’t think about the world too much – it’s out there and it’s unpredictable.

Right here – right now it’s all good. You met somebody at a Christmas party and they might be your soul mate – you finish each others sentences. You both meditate every day. You both wear Patchouli. You’re both vegetarians. He’s getting his own apartment. Maybe you’ll move in together. He’s invited you over for dinner. He’s asked you about pots and pans.

That might be tough. Both your parents are very straight – his are very Jewish and yours are very Catholic and they both have a lot of opinions where religion is concerned. They have a lot of opinions as far as politics is concerned too.

And between the two of you it’s been World War 3 around your houses. But then, all your friends have strange relationships with their parents. Yep – the 60s: “why do you look like that?” and “why do you act like that?” – the decade in a nutshell.

Maybe the 70s will be different. So far they are.

And maybe, just maybe, you were listening to the radio – and maybe you dialed in to KHJ and caught The Real Don Steele, this January 8, 1970. Perhaps.

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