Chinese Troops - January 1942

The View from Chungking - Brave face and raw determination.

January 10, 1942 – “Radio Chungking To America” – “Australia Calling” – Bringing A War Closer.

Chinese Troops - January 1942
The View from Chungking – Brave face and raw determination.

January 10, 1942 – Radio Chungking – Radio Australia – News reports and dial hopping – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

January 10, 1942 – The view from Chungking this day in January. War news from China as well as news from Australia. News of increased attacks on Hong Kong, the Chinese army push to reclaimed captured towns and villages. Australia reacting to a war review in the House of Commons via the BBC from Clement Atlee on the situation in Singapore and the recent appointment of General Wavell to head up the Pacific Command and a reminder that much had been said and discussed over the war in Europe, but that the situation in the Far East was equally important and that closer bonds needed to be strengthened between Australia, New Zealand and London. He called for an urgent Empire War Council to take place as soon as possible with Australian Prime Minister John Curtin. Curtain was widely criticized in London for having spoken out about the lack of planning for the situation in Singapore, Hong Kong and other points in the Far East and how Australia was largely ignored over warnings about what was taking place now. All of this was creating an air of resentment that Britain was treating its possessions in the Far East as second class citizens, while eagerly enlisting their aid when Britain was going through its darkest hour in 1940. Curtain also pointed out that the situation in Singapore and Hong Kong as well as the Philippines could just as easily happen in Australia unless a change of attitude took place.

This is a 20+ minute snippet of what Shortwave broadcasts were like from the Allied side and how the war of words was taking place on a daily basis on the air. Interesting that, whoever was doing the recording at the time, did a sweep of the dial and you’re able to hear who else was broadcasting via Shortwave at the time. And the spectrum was rather large.

All happening on this January 10, 1942 from Radio Chungking and Radio Australia and a couple of unidentified ones.

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