Dr. Martin Luther King

Dr. Martin Luther King - Voice of a Generation - Conscience of a Movement.

Voice of a Generation - Conscience of a Movement.
Dr. Martin Luther King – Voice of a Generation – Conscience of a Movement.

Today marks the Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King.

And so to commemorate his birthday, and to honor his memory and his work, here is one of a series of lectures Dr. King gave for the CBC in Canada in 1967. This one is Lecture #3: Youth And Social Action.

The message is just as relevant as it was in 1967:

Dr. Martin Luther King: “Nonviolent active resistance to social evils, including massive civil disobedience when there is need for it, can unite in a new action-synthesis the best insights of all three groups I have pointed out among our young people. From the hippies, it can accept the vision of peaceful means to a goal of peace, and also their sense of beauty, gentleness and of the unique gifts of each man’s spirit. From the radicals, it can adopt the burning sense of urgency, the recognition of the need for direct and collective action, and the need for strategy and organization. And because the emerging program is neither one of anarchy nor one of despair, it can welcome the work and insights of those young people who have not rejected our present society in its totality. They can challenge the more extreme groups to integrate the new vision into history as it actually is, into society as it actually works. They can help the movement not to break the bruised reed or to quench the smoking wick of values that are already recognized in the society that we want to change. And they can help keep open the possibility of honorable compromise.”

In light of the world situation, in light of the crises at home, the spirit of Dr. King continues to be as vital and urgent as ever.

Enjoy, learn and remember.

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