Tapeworms - New Colossus Festival 2021

Tapeworms - Video game music with angst and a bit of Shoegaze tossed in.

Tapeworms – In Concert – 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders – Festivals In The Time Of COVID

Tapeworms - New Colossus Festival 2021
Tapeworms – Video game music with angst and a bit of Shoegaze tossed in.

Tapeworms – New Colossus Festival – April 23, 2021 – Howlin’ Banana Records –

Over to France again this week for a socially distanced set by Tapeworms at the 2021 New Colossus Festival. Like everything last year, it was making do with what you had available and since festivals were cancelled (for the most part) last year, audience contact, that thing most crucial for a band performing live has been frustrating. But better a socially distanced set than no set at all. And since they were busy promoting their latest, Funtastic, any place to do a set and get the message across is a plus, no matter what.

Tapeworms have been together since 2016. They are made up of Margot Magnière and brothers Théo and Elliott Poyer. They were initially dedicated to electronic-tinged indie pop, influenced by shoegaze, grunge, J-pop, and video game music. Their first efforts were home-recorded late in 2016 and their first ep, All Stars, containing three originals and a Daniel Johnston cover, was released near the end of that year and issued as a cassette on 2017. The band stretched out from the classic shoegaze sound of their debut with a more experimental second EP, Everything Will Be Fine, which was released in 2018. Shortly after they landed with Howlin’ Banana Records where they went to work on their debut album, Funtastic which was released in 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic where all club and concert dates were promptly cancelled, leaving the band with a new album and no place to go. They’ve gotten positive word-of-mouth and so far have gotten dates in Bristol and London staring in February of this year.

So if you missed them last year, owing to a string of cancelled dates, here’s at least a sample of what you may be hearing, come February.

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