Phil Woods

Phil Woods - Stuck to his Musical guns.

Phil Woods And The European Rhythm Machine – Live In Köln – 1969 – Past Daily Downbeat

Phil Woods
Phil Woods – Stuck to his Musical guns.

Phil Woods and The European Rhythm Machine – Jazz aus Studio 2 – October 15, 1969 – WDR –

Phil Woods this weekend. With The European Rhythm Machine in a broadcast concert from Studio 2 at West German Radio in Köln on October 15, 1969.

Scott Yanow at AllMusic contributes a great bio on Woods. Here’s an excerpt:

One of the true masters of the bop vocabulary, Phil Woods had his own sound beginning in the mid-’50s and stuck to his musical guns throughout a remarkably productive career. There was never a doubt that he was one of the top alto saxophonists in jazz, and he lost neither his enthusiasm nor his creativity through the years.

Discouraged with the jazz scene in the U.S., he moved to France in 1968. For the next few years, Woods led a very advanced group, the European Rhythm Machine, which leaned toward the avant-garde and included pianist George Gruntz. Their recordings still sound fresh and exciting today, although this venture would only be a detour in Woods’ bebop life.

Woods contributed the famous alto solo to Billy Joel’s hit recording of “Just the Way You Are” and was one of Michel Legrand’s favorite artists, guesting with Legrand on an occasional basis; he made dozens of rewarding recordings himself through the years. After debuting as a leader in the mid-’50s, he recorded for Prestige, Savoy, RCA, Mode, Epic, Candid (the brilliant The Right of Swing in 1961), Impulse, MGM, Verve, Embryo, Testament, Muse, Omnisound, Enja, and Chesky, and recorded with his Quintet/Quartet for RCA, Gryphon, Adelphi, Clean Cuts, SeaBreeze (two sets adding Chris Swansen’s inventive synthesizer to the band), Red, Antilles, Palo Alto, BlackHawk, Denon, and quite extensively for Concord. Some key sets include 1960’s Rights of Swing on Candid, 1974’s Musique Du Bois on 32 Jazz, 1981’s Birds of a Feather from Antilles, and 2002’s Americans Swinging in Paris from EMI.

In case you’ve missed it, or are coming to Phil Woods late (but never too late), here is one of the gigs he did during his European tenure and a show he did for West German Radio.

Hit the Play button and relax.

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