Japanese Troops in Burma

Crossing the Salween River in Burma - No confirmation from London.

February 3, 1942 – Word From Burma – Dive Bombers Over Singapore – A Constitutional Crisis In Egypt – Women In The Army.

Japanese Troops in Burma
Crossing the Salween River in Burma – No confirmation from London.

February 3, 1942 – News Of The World – NBC – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

February 3, 1942 – News from Burma that Japanese troops were crossing the Salween River. London couldn’t confirm it, but many thought it wasn’t possible, with rainy season in Burma and flooding in the area. The main concern was Singapore, which was now being subjected to aerial bombardment by Japanese Dive bombers and high-level raids with virtually no protective cover from Allied fighter planes. Sources claimed that an adequate defense of Singapore would require every British Fighter plane currently in use throughout the world. Access to staging areas for any allied planes was becoming less and less possible, as more airfields in close proximity to Singapore were being shelled by Japanese artillery and put out of commission. Initially it was thought Allied planes could be staged in Sumatra, but the scheme couldn’t work because the distance deem it too far away, and if it was possible, planes could only stay a few minutes before having to refuel. Needless to say, the situation was going from bad to worse by the hour.

Meanwhile, British sources were monitoring closely the constitutional crisis brewing in Egypt by the 22-year old monarch, King Farouk. The young king was trying to form a new government and had forced the resignation of the pro-British government of Naftas Pasha, the result of a quibble; the breaking of relations with Vichy. The pro-British Pasha’s resignation led many in London to fear Farouk would be favoring an alliance with Vichy as there were considerable anti-British sentiments among Farouk’s circle.

And the subject of Women in the Military was being debated on Capitol Hill this day. Under consideration was the drafting of Women and setting up a special wing for that purpose to be a Women’s Auxiliary Corps, but it was getting much resistance from some members of Congress and proposed legislation was being tabled for the moment.

And that’s just a small slice of what happened, this February 3, 1942 as presented by NBC’s News Of The World.

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