My Ugly Clementine - ESNS 2021

My Ugly Clementine - Household names around Vienna.

My Ugly Clementine – Live At ESNS 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders/Festivals In The Time Of COVID

My Ugly Clementine - ESNS 2021
My Ugly Clementine – Household names around Vienna.

My Ugly Clementine – Live at ESNS 2021 Festival – January 26, 2021 – North German Radio –

My Ugly Clementine, live at Eurosonic 2021 Festival and recorded on January 26, 2021.

My Ugly Clementine is from Vienna, Austria. Founded by Sophie Lindinger in 2019 anmd consisting of Mira Lu Kovacs, Kem Kolleritsch and Nastasja Ronck (since 2020). Lindinger is best known as the singer, lyricist and co-producer of the duo Leyya , with whom she has already won two Amadeus Awards ( 2017: FM4 Award , 2018: Best Alternative ) and toured internationally. Kovacs also won an Amadeus Award ( 2016: FM4 Award ) under her alter ego Schmieds Puls , who was in use until 2019, and was successful as a singer in the avant-garde pop project 5K HD . Among other things, Kolleritsch played the drums in Kovacs’ band, appeared as a hip-hop MC Kerosin95 (among others with Rapperlesen Rapper) and composed in 2019 (with Paul Plut) the music for Sara Ostertag’s theater premiere Haummas net sche? in Volx/Margareten.

While they continue all their original projects, a founding myth formed around My Ugly Clementine early on: Ironically based on the band name, the quartet published a first photo of themselves on social media on Valentine’s Day 2019 without further context and declared their band founding day “Clementines days”. The Kurier reported on the first concert, which was scheduled for May 2019 a short time later:

“My Ugly Clementine’s first concert at the Rhiz in Vienna was sold out within a day. And that although up to this day no one had heard a note from the quartet.”

In March 2019, the debut single Never Be Yours was finally released and was named “Song of the Week” by the daily newspaper Die Presse immediately after its release and reached number 1 in the FM4 charts. Numerous invitations for live concerts were quickly issued: the band opened for Annen May Kantereit in the Vienna Arena in May 2019, for what was only their second performance, and played in the summer of the same year e.g. at the Popfest, the Poolbar Festival and the Picture on festival . With further released songs (The Good The Bad The Ugly,Playground ) international festivals also became aware of the group, which led to appearances at the Reeperbahn Festival, at the Eurosonic Noorderslag and at the Ment Ljubljana.

Finally, in early 2020, the band announced a full album titled Vitamin C for March 2020 and a subsequent tour. The latter fell victim to the COVID-19 pandemic and the tour was postponed to autumn 2020. The album, released by the Vienna label Ink Music, reached number 16 in the Austrian album charts.

In case you were wondering, hit the play button and check them out.

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