Chungking - Refugees from the Provinces

Refugees flooding into Chungking - amidst recapture, displacement.

February 4, 1942 – News From Chungking – Voice Of China Calling.

Chungking - Refugees from the Provinces
Refugees flooding into Chungking – amidst recapture, displacement.

February 4, 1942 – Voice Of China – News + Editorial dispatches for Associated Press – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

February 4, 1942 – News from China and reports of the ongoing battles and recapture of towns and villages from the Japanese invaders, as well as reports regarding the worsening situation in Singapore and Hong Kong.

A report that British Ambassador Sir Archbald Clark-Kerr had been transferred from China to take up his new position as British Ambassador to the Soviet Union. The announcer reads Clark-Kerr’s farewell address in full.

Dispatches by American correspondents from United Press stationed in China are read as part of Voice of China’s English service. The first dispatch concerns the Chinese Army and its leader Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek and the kind of war the Chinese Army is waging. Anticipated were several large offensive operations against the Japanese Occupation forces to take place “sometime in 1942”, the result of the delivery of much-needed arms and equipment to the Chinese Army via the Lend-Lease Program. Also mentioned is the sense of disappointment on the part of the Chinese toward London and Washington not to take the offensive in the Pacific as China is doing with much success. The opinion of Chinese observers that the current situation in Malaya and Hong Kong is due largely to Japanese troop, air and sea superiority and the failure of Britain to send reinforcements. However, the Chinese agreed that the situation will be turned around once Allied reinforcements and equipment become available, and confidence was bolstered by recent meetings and reassurances from London and Washington that things were proceeding as quickly as possible.

And that’s how things looked from Chungking, this February 4, 1962 as presented by The Voice Of China and their English Language Service.

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