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Dog Unit – In Session 2022 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Music In The Time Of COVID

Dog Unit – Post-Rock, Techno and a dash of Drone.

Dog Unit – in session at Radio X – John Kennedy Program – February 5, 2022 – Radio X –

Heading into Instrumental Post-Rock Techno with a side order of Drone this weekend – all by way of Dog Unit and their session from last week at Radio X for the John Kennedy program.

FYI: Dog Unit are a Post-Rock/Electronic/Drone band you can actually dance to that have been together for a relatively short period of time, getting the proverbial ball and word-of-mouth rolling just as COVID was hitting just about everywhere in the world.

Now that it appears restrictions and precautions are lifting (albeit cautiously), the club scene is starting to slowly get on its feet. And Dog Unit, together a relatively brief period of time, with their momentum cut slightly short by the Pandemic, are nonetheless planning, rehearsing and recording and they are slated to appear live at Signature Brew Haggerston on February 10th. In May they are picking up with an extended tour around the UK, beginning May 5th.

Their latest ep, Turn Right and Right Again, which was recorded, mixed and prepped during the lockdown, will be available in March. Further evidence that many artists and bands took advantage of the unexpected down time and turned it into something productive. And with avenues of exposure like Radio X and BBC 6 Music, they can keep the message going and the visibility up while the rest of the world get their collective act together.

If you can’t make it over to London to catch them live at Signature Brew Haggerston, here is the next best thing, thanks to John Kennedy and Radio X – to get your week started. And while you’re doing that, head over to their Bandcamp site and see what’s available, including cool T-shirts.

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