Tús NUa - in session - Croatia - 2018

Tús Nua - Croatian Dreamscape.

Tús Nua – In Session – 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders – Music In The Time Of COVID

Tús NUa - in session - Croatia - 2018
Tús Nua – Croatian Dreamscape.

Tús Nua – in (acoustic) session – Zagreb Croatia – June 7, 2018 – Noir a.m. Sessions

Exploring the East to start the week with Zagreb group Tús Nua, recorded on June 7, 2018.

When you decide that music allows you to have an open mind, anything is possible and it was with a goodly degree of astonishment that I ran across this duo in an acoustic session from 2018.

According to Europavox (the website I can spend several days poring over and not find everything), Túa Nus are post-rock queer girls Jordi Ilić, Jelena Božić and Mateja Milivoj first played INmusic Festival 2018 and then Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019. They also found a way to launch their careers in the United States, with their debut album getting a cassette release on the Seattle based label Weltraum–Wal Records, followed by its radio airplay by the worldwide influential KEXP.

Europavox fill out the story:

With 2019 singles ‘Ride’ and ‘Palindrome’, Jordi and Jelena made significant progress towards a more complex Tús Nua post-rock sound, one that also took in shoegaze and noise rock. Both singles were released as early previews of the second album, included in their setlist for their winter 2019/2020 European tour.

After their successful tour, they played one more Zagreb gig, and were waiting for another exciting festival season before a Covid-19 lockdown put paid to their plans.

The pandemic restrictions also slowed down their studio recording sessions, but Jordi soon broke the silence with her more experimental solo project, Naentu. The girls were back together in mid-2021, with the noisy single ‘Lights Out’, and their long-awaited second album ‘Nothing Personal’ finally arrived on Bandcamp a few months later.

It’s made up of nine powerful tunes including ‘Lights Out’ and previously released efforts ‘Ride’ and ‘Palindrome’. Tús Nua played several dates in fall 2021, mainly around Croatia and Serbia but ‘Nothing Personal’ threatens to propel them towards far more.

This is one of those bands that give me hope for the future – we’re in good places if we keep encouraging bands like Tús Nua to keep it going, not stop and keep growing. This is a nice way to kick off the week – I kid you not.

Crank it up and listen.

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