Małgorzata Dryjańska - Oxford Drama - Radio Lodz session - 2021

Małgorzata Dryjańska of Oxford Drama - A breath of luxuriant and hypnotic air.

Oxford Drama – In Session at Lodz – 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders-Music In The Time Of COVID

Małgorzata Dryjańska - Oxford Drama - Radio Lodz session - 2021
Małgorzata Dryjańska of Oxford Drama – A breath of luxuriant and hypnotic air.

Oxford Drama – in session at Radio Lodz – April 23, 2021 – Radio Lodz, Poland –

Oxford Drama in session tonight. Doing a live (socially distanced) gig for Radio Lodz in Poland and recorded on April 23, 2021.

Another foray into the deep forest of Polish Soundscape tonight. Oxford Drama haven’t been together that long. Although they have a band they tour and do live gigs with, they are essentially a duo – Malgorazata Dryjanksa and Marcin Mrówka. They are Oxford Drama.

With three albums out, the third released right in the middle of lockdown – and like everyone else who performs, sings and emotes live on stage, Oxford Daily had to put (almost) everything on hold. But as is the case with so many artists affected by this pandemic, Oxford Drama made the most of it and on November 2021, they released their second, and latest album.

Their bio via Spotify:

Oxford Drama is known on their homeland music scene for being consistent in creating their own musical language, and not necessarily eager to take the easiest path to success. The Dryjańska- Mrówka duo is frequently described by journalists as those who make „unpretentious” music – the kind that seems to naturally flow out of them through their love of pop melodies. Both Małgorzata Dryjańska and Marcin Mrówka first and foremost identify themselves as big music nerds and then as musicians, which manifests in their constant examination of music lineage, appreciation of its heritage, and endless hours spent digging through music fun facts and anectodes.

The band’s discography consists of two albums – ‘In Awe’ (2015) and ‘Songs’ (2018). ‘In Awe’ was considered one of the most interesting debuts of 2015 on the Polish scene, acclaimed by both the press and wider audiences. In 2018 the duo presented their second album, on which they fully discovered that what they want to do and can do best is to write songs. As a 5-piece live band, they promoted the album, performing on such festivals as Open’er or Halfway.

Now, Oxford Drama, still a duo in the studio environment, is back with their third album ‘What’s the Deal with Time?’ out on the 26th of March 2021.

Okay – now you know. Hit the play button and dive in.

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