Libyan Air Flight 114 - almost a sure sign for reprisals.

February 21, 1973 – Libyan Airliner Shot Down Over Sinai – A Cease-fire In Laos – Another Earthquake In California

Libyan Air Flight 114 – almost a sure sign for reprisals.

February 21, 1973 – NBC Nightly News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

February 21, 1973 – A busy world, this day – News that Israeli Jets downed a Libyan Airlines Passenger jet over the Sinai. Egypt called it an act of mass murder. Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir expressed deep sorrow over the incident, but said that the pilot should have heeded three warnings to land the plane since he was over Israeli territory. Israel reports that 73 people were killed. Earlier, Israeli forces raided two Arab guerrilla camps 120 miles inside Lebanon. They claim to have killed 40 Arab guerrillas and destroyed the camps which were used for training Arabs and other terrorists. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan was told by returning officers that a Turkish terrorist was captured. Reprisals were sure to follow.

In other news – Laos has signed a cease-fire truce similar to the Vietnam agreement. The peace agreement between the Laotian Government and the Communist‐led Pathet Lao offered hope that an end to the bloodletting in all of Indochina might at last be really in sight. The speedy call for a cease‐fire along with the termination of American bombing—both presumably in effect was an encouraging indication that ail sides to the agreement seem anxious, after twenty years of almost constant warfare, to put an end to the killing.

And Southern California was hit by its biggest earthquake in two years; only two people were hurt, but property damage was extensive. The Point Mugu earthquake occurred at 06:45:57 local time on February 21 in the Point Mugu area of southeastern Ventura County of southern California. It had a magnitude of 5.8 and it resulted in several injuries and $1 million in damage. The epicenter was near the Oxnard Plain and the northern terminus of the Santa Monica Mountains, in the California South Coast region.

All that, and a lot more for this February 21, 1973 as reported by The NBC Nightly News.

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