The Clash - early on, unstoppable.

The Clash – Live From Leicester – 1977 – Past Daily Soundbooth –

The Clash - early on, unstoppable.
The Clash – early on, unstoppable.

– The Clash In Concert At De Montfort Hall, Leicester – May 28, 1977 – Band Soundboard –

As a friend of mine once pointed out “you really had to be there”, when talking about the early Clash. If there was a band which epitomized the spirit and sheer energy of the Punk movement, it would, hands down,  be them.

This concert, recorded live at De Montfort Hall in Leicester in May of 1977 gives ample proof of that. Although it’s impossible to transport yourself back in time to stand inside the hall and sample the incredible energy bouncing off the walls, listening to this pretty good sounding audio of this concert is the next best thing.

Although the recording shows its age in some ways, you forget about that after the first 10 or 15 seconds. What you get is a blistering sample of what made The Clash one of the icons of that period in Rock history. And whatever twists and turns the band took in the intervening years, there is absolutely no way to deny The Clash were one of the most dynamic and pivotal bands of the 70s.

It’s a night to play things loud – turn this one up.

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