Gang Of Four in concert

Gang Of Four - Purveyors of Ferocious Precision.

Gang Of Four – In Concert – San Francisco – 1980 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Gang Of Four in concert
Gang Of Four – Purveyors of Ferocious Precision.

Gang Of Four – in concert at American Hall, San Francisco – November 8, 1980 – KALX-FM, Berkeley – Terry Hammer Collection

Seems fitting tonight – and probably for the rest of the week and maybe the weeks to come. Gang Of Four, recorded live (and under great duress) for KALX-FM, Berkeley by Terry Hammer on November 8, 1980. Looking at the date, it was only four days after the 1980 election and the ushering in of The Reagan Years – the American equivalent to The Thatcher Years for the UK.

And for those not familiar, The Thatcher Years for the UK signaled a great upheaval in British society at the time. It was the Age of Punks. The age of much frustration and anger fo the youth of England at the time. It didn’t quite translate the same over here in the U.S. – or it caught on, but for different reasons and less a mass movement.

But Gang Of Four were in the forefront – and their sets fairly seared with energy and the raw frustration that was such a trademark of the Punk and Post-Punk era.

And with a few exceptions (the sad loss of founding member/guitarist in 2020 for one) the band have gotten back together and are getting ready to embark on a major tour to commemorate the release of the 77-81 Box set, which also received a Grammy nomination.

But in the event you missed them the first time around and want to experience what an early Gang of Four concert was like, this is a good on to check out.

In lieu of the world situation, I would suggest you play loud – very loud.

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