Anti-Soviet Riots - 1980

Anti-Soviet Riots In Kabul - . . .and banners prophesied the future, whether they knew it or not.

March 2, 1980 – Hostage Drama In Colombia – Campaign ’80 In New Hampshire – Anti-Soviet Riots In Kabul –

Anti-Soviet Riots - 1980
Anti-Soviet Riots In Kabul – . . .and banners prophesied the future, whether they knew it or not.

March 2, 1980 – CBS Radio – The World This Week – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

March 2, 1980 – a week with much going on – most of it with long-term consequences. In Colombia, the Dominican Republic Embassy was scene of a hostage drama between a terrorist group and the Colombian government – at issue was some 300 political prisoners being held in Colombian jails. In exchange for those and some $50 million in cash, all would be resolved. But no – since one of the scores of hostages taken was the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia, whose bodyguard was wounded in the initial assault on the embassy. The U.S. condemned the action in the harshest of terms. As the drama dragged on, the Terrorists released six women hostages and then an additional six more captives were released. The Colombian government was reportedly offering the gunmen a plane and passage out of the country. And the hours kept ticking.

Meanwhile, all eyes were on New Hampshire as voters headed to the polls in what historically is the first of the many Primaries before each party goes to the Convention to choose a Presidential candidate. Even though Jimmy Carter was the incumbent and his chances of not running for a second term were unlikely, still there were candidates (namely Ted Kennedy) lined up to see if Carter really had the ability to reign his party in and keep the Democrats in the White House come November.

And the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, in addition to casting grave doubts over the coming Olympic Games in Moscow later on that year, or at least U.S. participation, was now becoming the scene of bitter riots and a growing backlash among the Afghan people. During particularly violent riots in Kabul, a banner pointing out that Afghanistan was going to be the Soviet Union’s Vietnam cast an eery sense of prophesy over what many were coming to consider Moscow’s very very Bad Idea. Riots were heading into their third day.

All that, and a lot more for this week ending March 2, 1980 as presented by CBS Radio’s World This Week.

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