Spill Gold - photo: Annelies Verhelst

Spill Gold - An endless sonic landscape and infinite sensory excursion.

Spill Gold – Live At ESNS Festival 2022 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders/Festivals In The Time Of COVID

Spill Gold - photo: Annelies Verhelst
Spill Gold – An endless sonic landscape and infinite sensory excursion. (photo: Annelies Verhelst)

– Spill Gold – ESNS Festival 2022 – March 3, 2022 –

A sonic emersion tonight – music to rid the mind and body of rancor and confusion. Cool, no? Thank Spill Gold for the infinite landscape via this year’s ESNS – Eurosonic Festival, recorded earlier this year and available via the Eurosonic site earlier today.

As Spill Gold themselves put it:

The experimental, psychedelic pop ensemble formed in the Netherlands in 2017, releasing their debut self titled EP at the end of that year and quickly sold out. Born from members of Dutch dream-pop ensemble Bird On The Wire, they have gone on to tour around the world, sharing stages with the likes of Exploded View, Perera Elsewhere, Beak and St.Vincent.

The Amsterdam based duo conjures up vivid, spiraling stories with their eerie, persistent songs; from the frenetic steel drum solo on ‘Mercury’, the relentless, post-punk urgency of instrumental ‘Sevens March’ to the snake-charming synths and haunting vocals on ‘Sirens’, Spill Gold urge you to lose yourself in dreams and pour out the best you’ve got, streaming and unrestrained. Let it out and get drenched bathing in it.

Spill Gold is the project of Nina de Jong and Rosa Ronsdorf. For each new project, the duo works with changing band members. The EP was made with synth-pop singer Jessica Tucker, whom they have toured with for the past year. New sounds and performances are being made with multi instrumentalist Jochem van Tol.

The self titled EP was re-released on Portland based Beacon Sound (Colleen, Peter Broderick, Terry Riley) on October 13th of 2021 for Cassette Store Day. Their debut album, Highway Hypnosis was released in November of 2020.

With all that’s going on – with the world in a state bordering on chaos – with nerves fractured and emotions mangled, a dose of Spill Gold is perfect and just what’s needed to restore a sense of calm.

I’m glad they’re here.

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