Dora Salvatore - ESNS Festival 2022

Dora (Salvatore) - Further evidence the world is also capable of making good things.

Dora (Salvatore) – Live At ESNS – 2022 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders/Festivals In The Time Of COVID

Dora Salvatore - ESNS Festival 2022
Dora (Salvatore) – Further evidence the world is also capable of making good things.

Dora (Salvatore) – Live at ESNS (Eurosonic) Festival – February 22, 2022 – VPRO-Netherlands –

Back to the Eurosonic Festival 2022 tonight with a set by Dora (Salvatore), recorded on February 22nd. As was the case with most all the acts at this years festival, there was either a very small audience or no audience at all – keeping with social distancing. In any case, hearing this set by someone who has been around for a while and is from a family of artists and performers, she is quite well known in her native Spain, but this is the first time I’ve heard of her and even though I may be registering surprise at this very young and very talented artist, I am sure most everyone who knows her in Madrid isn’t surprised at all. From what I gather, Dora is sixteen and has been performing in one capacity or another since she was eleven. She is the daughter of Bimba Bosé, who was an icon of the early 2000’s European fashion scene, until her untimely death in 2017 after a battle with breast Cancer. And the pioneering, adventuresome spirit which Bosé was so closely associated with has rubbed off on her daughter in some of the best possible ways. She is also the grand-daughter of the noted Italian actress Lucia Bosé. So clearly, talent flows rather freely in her family.

She performed her first concert, in the company of her father and sister, in 2017. She began to compose her own songs at the age of 13, grabbing the attention of the producer Pional, who co-produced her first album. In 2019 she released her first single “Saving star”, gathering almost two million views on Spotify. Five months later, she released the single “Call me back”, which has more than seven million views on Spotify. In 2020 she premiered the single “Ojos de serpent” on the TV Operación Triunfo, which she composed and whose video clip was directed by Paco León. In March 2021 she released the song “Quiéreme” and “La Bestia”, a few months later, together with Delaporte.

So now you know – hit the play button and have a listen.

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