The Go-Go's - 1978

The Go-Go's - America's Sweethearts meet the Mayor Of Sunset Strip - mayhem ensues.

You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – It’s March 1980 And Rodney Is On KROQ With The Go-Go’s.


The Go-Go's - 1978
The Go-Go’s – America’s Sweethearts meet the Mayor Of Sunset Strip – mayhem ensues.

KROQ – Rodney Bingenheimer with The Go-Go’s – March 30, 1980 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

It’s Sunday night and your ears are glued to the radio. Why? Because Rodney is holding court, just like he has the past few years. Rodney is your weekly go-to guy for what is new, what is interesting and what is happening. He’s not your average Disc Jockey – doesn’t sound like he’s doing his “voice of god” thing – he sounds like your friends – he sounds like people you know. And what’s more, he knows people – he’s met David Bowie – Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones beat him up once. He’s rumored to be dating Brooke Shields. He has the inside scoop and gets records before they’re released and he plays bands you’ve never heard before. And tonight he has the Go-Go’s. You remember them when you first saw them at Club 88 on Pico – you wondered about them at the time, but you liked them. Like you, they were L.A. and they reminded you of girls you know at Uni High.

So, on Sunday night everything stops, you turn up the radio and listen to Rodney explain it all to you. Here’s an hour’s worth of Rodney, with special guests The Go-Go’s, just getting ready to go on tour – March 30, 1980.

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1 thought on “You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – It’s March 1980 And Rodney Is On KROQ With The Go-Go’s.

  1. Rodney On The ROQS was always a great listen. And, always had an unknown expectation, we never knew what he would feature next, sometimes he didn’t know. People would pop into the studio or call him live on the air. Always had great guests & sometimes unknown guests, who usually became well known, in a big part, because of Rodney’s interest. If you’ve never seen the documentary “The Mayor Of The Sunset Strip”, do so. ~ 41 years is a record, i am sure, Rodney, GREAT GOING, my man.

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