Belfour - in concert

Belfour - More Mind-Excursions this week.

Belfour – In Concert At Europavox On Air 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders/Festivals In The Time Of COVID

Belfour - in concert
Belfour – More Mind-Excursions this week.

Belfour in concert at Euoropavox On Air 2021 – Recorded June 26, 2021 –

Starting the week with more sonic mind excursions. Tonight it’s the French duo Belfour in concert at Europavox On Air Festival from June 26, 2021.

Like just about everyone who was doing a festival during this time, it was either well isolated from the rest of the population or it was in front of an audience that was sparse out of necessity. Hopefully, those days are past us now, as Festival season is bringing some hope for a return to live concerts as they were – but now with the extra added bonus of Eastern Europe enveloped in chaos, invasions and air-strikes, it’s a wonder anyone will even want to leave their homes – first it was COVID and now it’s WOrld War III looming.

But there’s still music and it’s still being performed and artists are still coming together in the spirit of making the Joyful Noise and Belfour are right in the middle of it. Belfour are Lucie Mena and Michael Sacchetti, they are from the Auvergne region in France and their debut album Si la rivière coule was released this past October.

I admit to being interested in what French artists and bands are doing, and have done over the years musically. Belfour is a much appreciated addition. Simple, forward, direct, honest and downright charming – Belfour do indeed have a future if the world stands still for a minute to bask in the notes. I really see nothing stopping this duo from having a wider audience and continue on this very enchanting path.

Boy, do we need it now.


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