Someone - in session 3FM - 2021

Someone - Musical Namaste.

Someone – In Session – 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders: Music In The Time Of Covid

Someone - in session 3FM - 2021
Someone – Musical Namaste.

Someone – in session – 3FM – Netherlands – Recorded September 14, 2021 –

Someone in session tonight – Recorded at 3FM in The Netherlands on September 14, 2021. Someone is the brainchild of UK/Netherlands singer-songwriter Tessa Rose Jackson, who has imbued an air of unmistakeable calm into an otherwise fractured, disjointed world. Recorded in lockdown and right around the time things were cautiously opening up – Someone is a mood changer – considering the events of the last two years and the events of the last few weeks, we can take all the calm we can get at this point. And Tessa, along with her bandmates are doing an amazing job.

Coinciding with the release of Someone’s debut album Shapeshifter and kicking off a European tour which concludes (so far) at the Great Escape festival in Brighton on May 12, this session is something of a Preview of Coming Attractions.

And a few words from Tessa herself by way of Someone’s Facebook page:

“Written and recorded almost all during lockdown, this album was literally a lifeline for me when all else stopped. And so I poured everything into it, all of the frustration and the love and the missing and the hope. Darius and I worked on it day and night, cycling to our studio before curfew at 9pm and then heading home again after curfew ended at 4.30am. Days turned into nights… this was our reality. It feels so strange and so wonderful to share this time capsule with you. I hope you like it.”

I think that’s a given.

Delightful, enveloping and more sonic comfort food (which we just can’t get enough of these days).


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