Klangstof - in session at 3FM - 2022

Klangstof - Every so often a band comes along to let you know it's going to be okay. This is one of them.

Klangstof – In Session – 2022 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Music In The Time Of COVID

Klangstof - in session at 3FM - 2022
Klangstof – Every so often a band comes along to let you know it’s going to be okay. This is one of them.

Klangstof – in session at 3FM, Hilversum -The Netherlands – March 8 , 2022 – VPRO – The Netherlands –

Klangstof in session to end the week. Recorded live at 3FM in Hilversum on March 8, 2022. With the threat of COVID easing, at least to the point where getting out and actually being part of the world is now a reality, we now get hit with another wave of drama – this time in the form of a war and all the unrest, calamity, stress and sheer insanity that goes with it – taking place live and in color and with all the instantaneous urgency (real or imagined) that social media carries along with it.

Pretty sobering stuff, even if we didn’t have a pandemic looming over our heads – this one manages to tear at the fragile fabric of peace and cause us to pace the floor wondering just how and when this is all going to end.

Well, at least we have music – that single most vital and necessary affirmation of life and the possible glimmers of happiness it’s capable of bringing along with it.

I would say Klangstof fills the bill quite nicely. A luxuriant and much needed respite from what’s going on in the world. That effortless stepping back and forth between a dream and writing on the wall.

They haven’t been around that long, but are gaining a reputation as one of the go-to bands of the New Psychedelia – naturally, the pandemic made a few things difficult, like playing gigs. But all that is changing as Klangstof are getting ready to head out on the road with a tour throughout Europe and finally making the musical trek across America this year.

So, despite feelings to the contrary, Klangstaft will be heading to a concert hall near you in 2022. Certainly will be a welcome period to celebrate the fact that life really does throw a few curve balls our way, but we do manage to survive and flourish, despite everything.

Here’s their latest session and it’s strongly advised you crank this one up just to make sure.

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