Red Hour - in session - JOhn Peel 1991

Red Hour - one of the two singles the band issued during it's time. Other than that . . .?

Red Hour – In Session – 1991 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Red Hour - in session - JOhn Peel 1991
Red Hour – one of the two singles the band issued during it’s time. Other than that . . .?

Red Hour – in session for John Peel – recorded November 17, 1991 – broadcast; January 4, 1992 – BBC Radio 1 –

If last night’s entry of Glass Torpedoes was baffling in its virtual obscuring, tonight’s entry of Red Hour in session for John Peel, recorded in November of 1991 and broadcast in January of 1992 is baffling because there is literally no information on the band – other than they originated in Barrow in the UK and had two singles released and vanished. Band members consisted of Dave Canavan (he, of the oddly Morrissey-esque vocal phrasing) – Roger Bibby on guitar, Geoff Cooke on drums, Chris Hughes on bass and Roger Lindsay on second guitar.

Other than that, nothing – zip, not even a clue.

So . . .with that in mind, and really wanting to know the story behind this totally mysterious and obviously overlooked band of the early 1990s, I’m putting out feelers among the readers to this blog that any information regarding this group would be truly appreciated and, of course, will warrant a re-write of this post to reflect that. I’m sure there’s some biographical material lurking around somewhere – they had to either be an opener or played a number of gigs to have caught the eye (and ear) of John Peel, prompting him to record the band, even if it was for only one session. Still; they didn’t just appear out of thin air.

So with that in mind – and as always, a big thanks to Dave Driscoll whose Fruitier Than Thou site is a treasure trove of material just like Red Hour. Worth checking out, every day or so – he puts up stuff constantly.

With that – hit the Play button and have a listen.

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