Raid at St. Nazaire - March 28, 1942

Raid at St. Nazaire - a success but at high cost.

March 28, 1942 – A Shakeup In The Pacific – A Raid At St. Nazaire – A Push On The Eastern Front – A Message From The King.

Raid at St. Nazaire - March 28, 1942
Raid at St. Nazaire – a success but at high cost.

March 28, 1942 – News Of The World – NBC – King George Address to Nation – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

March 28, 1942 – A day with much news from the far-flung corners of the World at War. Starting with news from Australia that a major shakeup was taking place within the allied forces in the Pacific with the goal of assembling a major striking force which, as one high-ranking official put it; “the only difference between the Dutch, British and American forces would be the uniforms they wore”. This unified force would be headed up by General MacArthur as Supreme Commander, Australia’s General Blamey as allied Field Forces Commander and U.S. Lieutenant General Brett as allied Air Force commander. It’s aim was to create an Allied command in which all the men and all the resources of the Allies would be pooled together under a system whose basic regard would be to discard nationality in favor of ability. The end result would be a smoother, more efficient machine and it was met with general agreement all around.

Meanwhile, a news dispatch from Berlin indicated a raid of some sort had just been staged at Saint Nazaire off the coast of Occupied France by British Commandos. The unconfirmed report went on to say that all of the troops involved in the raid were either killed, encircled or captured by German forces and that all accompanying boats were either sunk or otherwise unaccounted for. Britain’s response came by way of a Military commentator who said there was nothing to comment on German reports of a Commando raid “at the moment” and that a statement regard the St. Nazaire raid would be forthcoming at some point.

And word from Moscow was Soviet forces had pushed German forces further back on the road to Berlin. Red Army sources were quoted as saying they had dislodged the Germans from another settlement on the Central Front and that they had “annihilated several hundred officers and men”. The sources said the same was also happening on the Southwest front.

Right after the news there is a special broadcast from London via the BBC with a message from King George VI on the progress of the war as viewed from Britain.

All that, and a lot more for this March 28, 1942 as reported by the News Of The World from NBC.

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