Darwin Defenses - April 1942

Defending Australia - April 1942 - The Pacific morale boost helped.

April 1, 1942 – Word From The Pacific: Tropical Storms Over New Guinea, Followed By Allied Assault – Australia Rations And Curtails.

Darwin Defenses - April 1942
Defending Australia – April 1942 – The Pacific morale boost helped.

– April 1, 1942 – Radio Australia Shortwave Service – News and Commentary – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

April 1, 1942 – News from the shortwave service of Radio Australia came word that Allied raids were continuing around the New Guinea area, taking advantage of the brief break from the storms which hampered visibility. Likewise, raids continued over Port Moresby and Darwin. On the home front – Australia was outlining more rationing, ahead of the Easter holiday as well as outlining rules on curtailing work to observe the holiday. Continued support for the appointment of General Douglas MacArthur as Supreme Allied Commander of the Pacific forces came by way of the American Labor community, with messages of support from the AFofL and CIO. News regarding the recent offer from Sir Stafford Cripps on Indian independence came via the BBC, followed by reports of the outcome of meetings with Indian leaders – the proposal was rejected and talks shifted to the issue of India’s defense against Japanese invasion. Cripps gave assurances that Britain would continue to support India’s defense and indicated it would extend into the post-war period. It was agreed the issue of Independence would be re-visited then.

The broadcast then shifts to more local news for Sydney and Canberra as well as news reports for the Outback, discussing rations and general limits imposed by the War. A fascinating glimpse, although hard at times to hear, owing to the nature of Shortwave broadcasting at the time, how the war was being fought in other parts of the world, particularly the Pacific on April 1, 1942.

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