Collecting - to some this picture represents insanity. To others; a quiet afternoon with friends of the vinyl and shellac persuasion.

Collectors And Collecting – Vincent Price Has A Few Words About The Pot Of Gold In Your Basement – 1957 – Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles

Collecting – to some this picture represents insanity. To others; a quiet afternoon with friends of the vinyl and shellac persuasion.

Conversation – Collecting – Clifton Fadiman-moderator, Vincent Price, Frederick Adams – NBC Radio – April 29, 1957 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re a collector of one sort or another. If not – then you most definitely do know someone who is. Doesn’t quite matter what – collecting is collecting and to many people it’s a life’s work – no matter how trivial or downright insane you may think it is.

This episode of the radio series Conversation, features Actor/Art Collector Vincent Price and Frederick B. Adams, director of the Pierpont Morgan Library. Th subject is primarily and books but it covers a wide range of “all things collectible”.

The bottom line is “collect what you love” – as true a statement in 2022 as it was in 1957. Collecting with an eye on turning a huge profit, retiring handsomely and living happily ever after are guarantees for misery and there are plenty of those around. Looking for the bargain, going on “the hunt”, unearthing gems and rescuing rarities from wrecking ball constitutes most of the fun. Learning about a field of collecting along the way is also a huge enrichment. And of course, doing something with that massive collection of yours once you accumulate it is of prime importance with Price as it was with Adams as it is with most collectors. Vincent Price shares his collection of contemporary art and Native American artifacts with students. Adams runs the Pierpont Morgan Library. Vincent Price was also on the board of directors of the Los Angeles County Art Museum, so he had many avenues to share his collection.

Maybe this half-hour of conversation and adventures in the field don’t do more than scratch the surface, it does shed some light on why people collect – what they collect and how they collect. And somewhat comforting in knowing the art of collecting has been going on for centuries, as has hoarding, bragging rights and false modesty – it all goes with the territory, whether its Art, Books, Matchbook covers or Memphis Minnie.

Fascinating subject in 1957 – maybe a little odd now, but there are still collectors . . .tons of them – just ask E-Bay.

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