Telephone Operators on Strike

Labor troubles: Telephone Operators on Strike in Newark - a blizzard of arrest warrants.

Telephone Operators on Strike
Labor troubles: Telephone Operators on Strike in Newark – a blizzard of arrest warrants.

April 11, 1947 – World News Roundup – NBC Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

April 11, 1947 – News for this day in 1947 had a lot to do with labor and the climate of walkouts, negotiations and general disruption of daily life in America. At the top of the news was the Telephone Operators Strike and a move to make the hearings of grievances on both sides public. Three Woman, who represented Strike phone operators were due in court this day. It was the first test of a new law making it illegal for strikes to take place within public utilities. If that didn’t work, it was wondered if the whole labor situation would wind up on President Truman’s desk to get sorted out.

Speaking of Labor, Mine safety was also in the news, as the latest explosion of a mine in Exeter Pennsylvania took the lives of some 9 miners and injured the same number. Safety experts inspected the mine only months earlier and gave it an “okay”, so no immediate cause of this latest explosion was determined.

Secretary of State George C. Marshall called on Russia to allow Korea to achieve independence. Marshall issued a statement, making public for the first time, a desire that The Soviet Union make good on an agreement reached during the Big Three Conference in December of 1945. That agreement would put an end to American and Russian occupation of Korea and allow the country the right of self-determination. There was no response from Soviet representative Molotov on the subject.

And Tornado season was upon us, with latest reports of six towns in Texas and Oklahoma counting some 134 dead and more than 1300 injured in the latest onslaught of twisters to hit the region. Rebuilding of the stricken communities was already underway.

And that’s just a tiny portion of what went on this April 11, 1947 as reported by The NBC World News Roundup.

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