British and Canadian Troops

British and Canadian troops - the landing in Norway wasn't disclosed for days, and even then it was vague.

British and Canadian Troops
British and Canadian troops – the landing in Norway wasn’t disclosed for days, and even then it was vague.

April 19-20, 1940 – BBC Home Service – Radio Paris – Radio Berlin – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

April 19-20, 1940 – news for this day was intentionally vague. The BBC reported that a special detachment of British, Canadian and French troops landed “somewhere in Norway” and that the landings had taken place a few days earlier and that few details were available at the time but that the news was official. The information that could be given came from the Air Minister who confirmed another Royal Airforce raid over Stevanger, an important objective for German troops because of its airport. British bombers had completed seven raids over the area as of broadcast time and, as the BBC announcer described it, “ruined the runways”, rendering them useless for German airborne troops.

Two areas of concern during these broadcasts were the possible invasions of Holland and Belgium. Moreover, the fate of the Dutch East Indies would be in jeopardy and measures were being taken by the Dutch Parliament to aid in the defense of that strategic group of islands in the Pacific. It was also hoped that the U.S. would intervene in some way, should the need arise.

News from Belgium indicated the Belgian government was adamant about maintaining and air of neutrality and there was no need for a German presence.

And so much more was happening in Europe this April 19-20, 1940 as heard over shortwave via the various Radio station English service broadcasts.

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