Me'Leron - Sounds from Poltava.

Me’leron – In Session – 2019 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders – Listening Ukraine

Me’Leron – Sounds from Poltava.

Me’Leron – live at On-Air – June 9, 2019 – On-Air Productions –

Continuing our look at the rapidly fracturing music scene in Ukraine, Me’Leron are from Poltava, which is south-west of Kharkiv. Whether or not its the scene of fighting isn’t known, but one is beginning to imagine not very much of Ukraine is unaffected by the war. Where the members of Me’Leron are now; if they are refugees, have put on uniforms or living in bomb shelters, it’s not known.

But what is known is Me’Leron is part of that genre of bands that seem to be quite prevalent in Ukraine; a mixture of Prog/Indie/Psychedelic and Pop.

This is from their Facebook page, and it pretty much sums up who the band is and what they’re about:

Me’leron defines their work as “a mixture of indie, psychedelic and pop rock”. The musicians are inspired by the hippie culture and music of the 60s – early 70s and the new wave psychedelic of the 2000s. At the heart of the musical and poetic philosophy of the group is “the world of love for pleasure, in which you do not need to pay.” At the end of 2016, Me’leron released a single and video for the song No guilt, which received many positive reviews from various music critics, media and musicians. The presentation of the single took place on the UFO tv channel. In 2017, the band has such festivals: Hedonism, Woodstock Ukraine, GogolFest, Gesheft Odessa, YouthFest, Face of Art, Barterwille, Street Food Festival Kiev, PreFest. As well as several dozen solo concerts, not only in Ukraine, but also in neighboring countries.

Definitely worth a listen and definitely worth checking out their Bandcamp page, their Facebook page and their website. And please, please support them.

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